Friday, September 10, 2010


Today is the last day of the hunt. Sad.. I know! But we will be back at December with Winter Animal Lovers Hunt :D So stay tuned!

But first of all a big thank you to all of you - hunters, and all the designers - that was the greatest hunt ever :D THANK YOU <3
If you like numbers I just say that almost 700 people started Animal Lovers Hunt at *diavolicious* :D And about 1678 people from 12 countries saw this blog!

Oh.. what? What sneezing panda? What? We promised? hmmm..... YES! The sneezing panda is waiting for all of you in *diavolicious* group and subscribe'o'matic :D It's an ideal present for the end of this hunt :) (also, you can still find there a panda headband and a huggable panda :) ).

That's not the end.. WE'LL BE BACK! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little contest :D

Sara Petrova sent me today a very cute photo of her with our huge panda :D Look:

Isn't that cute? Awww :D
And it got me thinking... what if you also made cute photos with panda on starting point? ;)

Ok! So little contest :) Everyone who send me (Risika Ohmai) until September 4th your photo made with huge panda on starting point... that will get a very.. I mean VERY cute gift from *diavolicious* :D (gifts will be send on September 5th)

So what are you waiting for? GO! :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


1. "I wonder if some of them are seven mile ones..." (last floor)
2. "First in the line of 17"
3. "Make sure you subscribe for future updates, and gifts =)"
4. "under the table" ***Adult land - if you can't go there HERE is LM to 5th store.***
5. "Falling petals"
6. "I am not in time out, I choose to be here."
7. "This prize is hangin around on a pole, check the couples poses!"
8. "I don't have a driver's licence, but maybe I can do this ;)"
9. "Look for a quiet corner. Balloons lead the way."
10. "Go in and turn right... you're getting warmer... now you're on fire!"
11. "The wise panda looks down on you from above"
12. "look High and low"
13. "Use doors"
14. "I love nature!"
15. "I am trying to get up in that chair."
16. "I'm just sitting here, all alone."
17. "I'm catching a breeze out here."
18. "I'm going to sleep now"
19. "Come sit with me and the sparkling balloons."
20. I'm sorry, no longer avaible - please go to next store.
21. "The panda roosts 100 m above this LM on the 2nd FL"
22. "Geese tend to hide ontop of things because they can fly!"
23. "Our auctioneers estimate this Panda to be priceless!"
24. "In a dark corner
Between floor and wall
A panda bearing gifts
Can be found by y'all."
25. "I love pictures"

Prizes (photos by stores) :)

Shops are in alphabetical order, not a hunt order ;) It has to show you only what should you expect from Animal Lover Hunt and rise your appetite ;)


Dressed by Lexi II

Ginza jewelry Kohime




P.A. Designe

Pink Wolf

PRIME Furniture




SB Wear

The Serenity Woods

Vengeful Threads

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet participating stores :)

The hunt will starts in a few days, applications deadline was 2 days ago... So it's time to meet the stores which participated to Animal Lovers Hunt :) Click on the album below to see them:

Animal Lovers Hunt stores

Yay, we have 25 stores :D

We have just finished collecting applications. We have now 25 stores in the Animal Lovers Hunt! Check out our blog tomorrow to find out which stores are participating and what they have to offer to you!